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Your local Kelowna pharmacy

Community-centred care that makes a difference.

Locally-owned and operated, Rutland Medical Pharmacy is a Kelowna pharmacy that strives to promote positive physical and mental health in Rutland, Kelowna and the Okanagan Valley.

A Locally owned and locally focused Kelowna pharmacy

Because we’re owned by a long-time Okanagan resident, our approach to patient care prioritizes the needs of individuals and the well-being of the community. As a smaller, local Kelowna pharmacy, we’re able to offer patients more one-on-one time, shorter wait times and more personalized service.

Collaboration with Rutland Medical Associates

Located in the Rutland Medical Arts building, our Kelowna pharmacy neighbours are Rutland Medical Associates; a clinic where a number of family doctors practice. While it is not a walk-in clinic, patients of these doctors are only a few steps away from filling their prescriptions at Rutland Medical Pharmacy.

Compassionate care for all aspects of health

Our team firmly believes there is no separation between physical and mental health. The two are interconnected and must be treated as such. Whether we’re filling prescriptions, performing a medication review or providing specialized care, our approach is always to treat the patient as a whole.

our team

Genuine people, genuine care.

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Hannah Linttell



UBC, PharmD (2021)

Where are you from?

Born and raised in Prince George, BC.

Why did you become a pharmacist?

I found sciences interesting in high school and worked at Sportchek throughout high school and university. I enjoyed the retail environment. Pharmacy seemed like a great fit to blend those two things. I applied to the program after a couple of years of university, got accepted, and the rest is history?

What do you like about working at Rutland Medical Pharmacy?

The people and the community! There are great coworkers in this Kelowna pharmacy and great interdisciplinary colleagues in the medical clinic. I love knowing the majority of my patients by name and having the capacity to give them the best care possible. It’s the ideal community pharmacy setting that we talked about in school.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Anything that involves moving my body! I have been a Barre instructor for a couple of years now. I love hiking, playing spikeball, basketball, volleyball, tennis, snowboarding, running…you name the activity and I am there. Hanging out with friends at the lake and paddleboarding during the summer is also a highlight. The Okanagan has so much to offer.

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Sarita Doell

Pharmacy Assistant

Where are you from?

I grew up on the slopes of Rossland, BC

Why did you start working in pharmacy?

I was looking for a change but wanted to stay in a busy, people forward environment. I was referred by a friend and ended up getting a job and have stayed in pharmacy ever since. I started my journey in pharmacy at a Shoppers Drug Mart at the beginning of the pandemic and made the switch to Rutland Medical Pharmacy to be part of a tighter knit team where in my opinion we could give better patient care.

What do you like about working at Rutland Medical Pharmacy?

I enjoy knowing I’m a part of a team that cares for their patients and community. It’s a unique setting being able to collaborate with the clinic’s physicians to give the most complete care. Additionally, the pharmacists are knowledgeable and compassionate, even if people have inquiries that are not pharmacy related, they are always happy to lend an ear or give their advice.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I love spending time in nature/creation/hiking, swimming, kickboxing, watching sunrise or sunsets. All of these are better with people of course!

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Steven Hopp

Pharmacist / Owner


UBC, PharmD (2002)

Why did you become a pharmacist?

The truth is being a pharmacist was never something I had considered. I was in microbiology and was not sure if it would result in a career path I liked. I had a friend who was in the Kelowna Pharmacy program at UBC and he suggested I apply. After speaking to him it sounded like something I would like, so I went for it. Being a pharmacist has provided really amazing and rewarding opportunities. I am an extravert and really enjoy people. I love sharing life with our customers and seeing the difference that the care we provide makes to people. 

Where are you from?

Born and raised in Williams Lake, BC. I love small towns and the opportunity they provide to get to know people and to get involved with the community. Although Rutland is growing incredibly fast, it still feels like its own community to me. The people here are so nice, friendly and welcoming. I have been married to my wife for 18 years now and have a 10 year old daughter.

What do you like about working at Rutland Medical Pharmacy?

Rutland is a wonderful community. It is very multicultural, the people are friendly and welcoming, and really appreciate what we do for them. Prior to owning Rutland Medical Pharmacy, I was an Associate-Owner of a major pharmacy chain. The change from a very corporate environment to independent Kelowna pharmacy has been night and day. I love having the ability to give the best care and advice to people, to not feel rushed, to make customers feel truly valued and not like a transaction. We can give people the time they deserve to deliver high quality detailed and safe services from our medication reviews, to vaccinations and quick prescription filling with little or no wait time. I have the most amazing and dedicated team here. They make pharmacy ownership easy for me.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

I have been on the Board of the College of Pharmacists of BC for 5 years, the last 2 years as chair. That takes up a lot of spare time but it is rewarding to be involved in regulating all of the changes in pharmacy practice that allow for expanded scope for pharmacists in order to provide BC residents with better access to safe, timely, and culturally safe high level care. With everything I do, my goal is to make things better for my customers, my team, and all people in BC. Outside of that, I do play soccer and hockey, enjoy time with my family, our horses, and our chickens.


Real people, real stories.

“Always a pleasure dealing with Rutland Medical Pharmacy. They are all so courteous and willing to go out of their way every time I call. They truly go the extra mile and put the patient first.Your customer service is unbeatable. Thank you.”

Rajvir Singh

“Highest recommendations to this Kelowna Pharmacy team. For over 15 years they’ve offered the best 1 on 1 care. They are so thorough, from understanding medications and how/when to best take them, what may interact, side effects etc. (in person and by phone). They also give flu shots etc and there’s no long line ups. If you’ve only been to big box Pharmacies, it’s like time travel! And they also deliver in Kelowna. A HUGE thank you to them all!”

Vicki Roper

“It’s weird to think that I actually have a “favourite” Kelowna pharmacy but I do and this is it. First off, Gurpal is just a great guy to chat with in general and is always super friendly on the phone or over the counter. Makes me feel welcome every time I stop by to pick up a script. Too notch service for sure!”

Pierce Jones

“Great Kelowna pharmacy, great people, never condescending (like some major pharmacies I’ve been to). So fast and efficient, friendly, helpful, always looking out for you. Best Kelowna pharmacy I’ve ever had the pleasure of being to. Will keep coming back.”

Susan O’Shaughnessy

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Rutland Medical Pharmacy is an Inclusive & Safe Space

We strive to be an inclusive and culturally safe healthcare provider for all members of our community, especially those who are most vulnerable in our society. Our team has undergone training in the areas of cultural safety, anti-racism, decolonization and allyship and we are constantly seeking further opportunities to learn and better serve our community.